Buying tyres on interest free?


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For most of us on the roads, tyres are the last thing on our minds. Commuting, road conditions, other drivers - we can be so preoccupied about what other people are doing on the roads that we sometimes forget to double check our own vehicles, like checking for blown globes, oil leaks and the condition of our tyres.

As such, sometimes needing to replace your tyres can come at unexpected and inconvenient time. While you might be tempted to grab the cheapest tyres to get you back on the road safely, there are some great reasons why you might want to consider a set of premium tyres on interest-free over budget tyres.

While we have a great deal of pride in providing the best possible service for every customer, regardless of budget, at Grease Monkey Autowerx we also believe that premium tyres will offer you more safety, shorter braking distances, less road noise and greater durability.

Sure, some cheap tyres will get you back on the road quickly but did you know Grease Monkey now offer Open Pay in-store?

So how does interest free work?

While you might have heard of Zip Pay and Afterpay before, Openpay is a little different so let's break down how it all works.

Openpay Brand Logo

Openpay is an interest free credit program that gives you up to $10,000 (depending on your account) that offers you options for Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) on goods and services. Unlike other BNPL programs, Openpay offers repayment plans over 3, 6 or 12 months.

Depending on the amount being put through Openpay there may or may not be a fixed amount monthly fee. Get in touch with us if you want to find out more.

For more details on Openpay, have a look at the FAQ on the Openpay site.

What sort of tyres are worth putting on interest free?

Putting consumable items like tyres onto an interest free account might seem silly at first but let's take a good look at a few Kumho tyres and find out what you’ll gain over the cheapest, and discuss a few selling points of a premium tyre. Features like gutter guards, stone ejectors and self cleaning tread patterns are just a few reasons why more comprehensively engineered tyres are worth your consideration.

Crugen HT51

Kumho Crugen HT51 Highway Terrain tyre

First up is the Kumho Crugen HT51. As a Highway Terrain tyre (HT), we’re not expecting a massive amount of off-road traction with this tyre (but keep reading). Cheap tyres often have great durability because of the harder compounds used in the tyre construction. By spending more time optimising tread pattern and tyre compound, Kumho has made the Crugen HT51 a great option for those who cover large miles without compromising safety in an emergency braking situation. The HT51 offers great mileage with a long tread life without sacrificing handling, road noise and safety.

Ecsta 4X KU22

Kumho Ecsta 4X KU22 Sports Summer tyre

Looking into Kumho’s range of sports and high performance tyres, the Ecsta 4X KU22 is a tyre offering ultra high performance not just in summer, but for All Season use. The real party trick of this tyre is the low road noise it makes. High performance tyres are easy to make, but to have them perform well in wet and dry weather, while not making a racket doing so, is the challenge.

Road Venture MT KL71

Kumho Road Venture MT KL71 Mud Terrain tyre

The final tyre on our list is the Road Venture MT KL71. A Mud Terrain tyre (MT) designed from the ground up to have an uncompromising off-road grip whilst having less on-road noise than some of its competitors. This means you’ll have a more enjoyable drive to the trails and back. Kumho designers have listened to the feedback of 4x4 owners and have designed the tread on the KL71 to be self cleaning, with clay and rocks being forced outwards instead of gumming up the center of the tread.

Want to find out more?

To find out more about how the Openpay process works, visit their website or come see Adrian and the team. Not only can we run you through our Openpay process, but we will happily discuss all things mechanical, wheels and tyres in Moorabbin.

As always, when you get new tyres for your car, it’s a great time to get a wheel alignment and tyre balance to ensure you get the most from your new investments. Ongoing tyre care plans involve periodically checking tyre pressures and getting a tyre rotation at specified intervals to ensure even wear.

Grease Monkey Autowerx is located in Carrum Downs, Melbourne. Come into our store today to talk with one of our expert tyre fitters or technicians about how premium replacement tyres can benefit you today!

Visit us at 28/684-700 Frankston - Dandenong Rd, Carrum Downs VIC 3201 or call today on: 03 7037 6211

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